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Friday, April 20, 2012

Should We Do a Picture Walk?

A lovely third grader asked me to look at two books with her. Which one should she get? EARTHQUAKES or HURRICANES? I explained that I usually look through each book before deciding. Should we do a picture walk? asked my friend. Absolutely, I told her. We both looked and shared our thoughts. Earthquakes won. She then asked if I had seen 2012, a movie her dad brought home about the end of the world. No, not me. Well, I don't think the world will end this year anyway, she told me. I have heard that so many times, and it never happened. Later, she brought Earthquakes to me to show me what she had read and learned. She liked the sidebars filled with facts and the photographs. It was a good picture walk, she said with a smile.

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  1. a perfect choice in photo to symbolize the strength of spirit of the young. a wonderful post.