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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Orange Tangerine

With a third grade class this afternoon, I discussed giving credit to sources and locating reliable information as they prepared to create slide shows about famous people. In minutes, we were singing "Yellow Submarine" - with some boys singing "Orange Tangerine." How in the world did we get from a serious discuss to this? I wondered. I think this is how the discussion progressed.

Is anyone working on more than one person?
I am doing The Beatles, said one girl.
Do you remember the historical fact from today's morning announcements?
You mean that on this day in 1970 Paul McCartney left The Beatles? asked one boy.
Yes, that's the thing.
Hey, what did he do?
He did vocals and was the bassist.
So, would his be the voice we heard in most songs?
Yes, most of them.
Even this one? (He sings) In the town where I was born...
Other students join in the music. Other visitors to the library wonder what in world I am doing in the reading alcove.

I quickly remembered how crafty young people are at moving from one subject to another. I had easily fallen into the thought cycle...and it was actually quite funny.


  1. Don't you just love the way their minds work?! My kind of student!

  2. They're just activating their background knowledge, Library Jewel.

    1. I was surprised so many knew the words to the song!