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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Favorite Colors

I used to love red. I wore it often and even had large red glasses (which many thought made me look like a librarian). Red is no longer my favorite color. If I went by what I wear most often, black would be the winner. If I chose by what I love to see most, it would be green, especially in the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park. If I selected based on my baking, the best color would be brown: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate cake. If I picked a favorite color solely on what makes me feel good, it would have to be blue.

Arlene Alda addresses favorite colors well in her latest book entitled Except for the Color Grey. The photographs accompanying each color are splendid, and the surprise ending will delight young readers, challenging them to think carefully about their favorite colors. What is yours?


  1. like you i would have to cite several colors, depending on the criteria for selecting a favorite. but judging by clothing: once my wardrobe was predominantly black but now there's a rainbow in my closet.

  2. Green has traditionally been my favorite color (when we play board games, everyone knows I get to be the green token), but lately I've had a fondness for purple, and when it comes to clothing, I like gray shirts. Okay, and green, purple, and blue shirts, too.

  3. I always come back to blue, the color of the infinite sky.

  4. And that big blue coffee cup in the photo is pretty cool, too.

    1. It's on the corner of Cup-Cake on University Avenue.