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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bookish Afternoon

With the work and family schedule, time for friends is most often the first thing neglected (after dusting!), and it is one thing I need desperately sometimes. Yesterday two friends and I saved an hour for each other and talked about one's extraordinary adventure in Italy and as usual, books and our book/literacy projects. One of those sweet friends ordered our names in photographs from The Butterfly Alphabet by Kjell Sandved! I love this, especially how the colors all complement each other. The hour stretched into two, but it felt so good to be with dear friends.


  1. So beautiful! And as you know, THE BUTTERFLY ALPHABET was what inspired Joe Rossi to start photographing his Minnesota alphabet.

    I, too, feel like I have been neglecting my friends (and dusting!)

    1. I did know that about Joe. He should think of doing something similar with the Minnesota letters. People would love that.

  2. what beautiful gifts...your name in butterflies and those hours with dear friends.

  3. Friends are to be treasured!