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Monday, April 9, 2012

Animal Masquerade

Usually I wait to read new books until my library gets a copy - or gets one via inter-library loan. With Marianne Dubuc's new book, my desire to read it overcame my patience. Thus, Animal Masquerade is next to me on the table. Like In Front of My House, it is a square book with a bit of heft to it. The jacket foretells the animal antics held within its pages. It begins with a sign on a forest tree, inviting the creatures.

"Come one, come all
to the animal masquerade.
Disguises are a must!"

Lion scratches his mane, contemplating his disguise and decides to be an elephant! From then onward, each creature's disguise is revealed on the following page - with a few surprises thrown in for giggles and logistics. My favorite is Little Red Riding Hood, who went disguised as a chocolate cake! I will not spoil any other surprises, but just know the wordless ending is a lovely parade.


  1. Yes, you've got me interested in "Animal Masquerade," but what I REALLY want is a slice of that cake. Right now. With a glass of milk.

  2. It's always great to be put in touch with a good book!

  3. well if little red dresses up as a chocolate cake she can't blame the wolf for wanting to gobble her up.

  4. Mmmmm . . . chocolate cake . . . oh, sorry, did you say something else?