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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Author Evening

Jennifer Holm joined readers at a book club event last night at one of our county libraries. She is an animated presenter with a zippy slide show that conveys her history (and a bit of her Babymouse illustrator/brother Matt's as well). Though I loved hearing her stories and watching her draw what the young fans requested, I wondered about the other Jennifer Holm, the one who has one the Newbery Honor three times. The audience clearly viewed her as the Babymouse and Squish creator, not the amazing author of Our Only May Amelia, Penny From Heaven, and Turtle in Paradise. I had so many questions and wonderings. Perhaps she will become a cyber penpal as I pose my questions via email.


  1. Isn't she just the nicest? But I agree, a storyteller on two totally different levels. I'm sure you'll become cyberbuddies.

    1. You two met at the ALA awards, didn't you? She should really come back here and spend time with our local writing crowd.