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Monday, November 7, 2011

Surprising Discovery

Watson discovered a pink polka-dot balloon in the woods on Saturday and was baffled by its slight movements. He edged closer and closer, finally comfortable enough to nudge it with his nose. The unexpected discovery prompted understanding.

Today during library time the fourth graders were engrossed in the versions of The Frog Prince I read aloud. The retellings of the Grimm version each ended similarly, surprising the listeners (and the teacher) who thought the frog became a prince when he was kissed by the princess. Not so. Nothing so tender brought about his transformation! The distressed princess threw the frog against the wall, and he suddenly became the handsome prince. Amazing, isn't it? All those readers thought it happened a different way. Next week they will enjoy Jon Scieszka's alternate version, prompting more surprises.


  1. Really? That is a surprise about the frog-prince. So glad you told us.

  2. I think the version I read to my kids, illustrated by James Marshall, had the throw-him-against-the-wall ending. I remember thinking that the princess was a spoiled brat and didn't deserve him!

    Sure was fun to watch Watson with that balloon . . .

  3. the prince must have had some screws knocked loose when he hit the wall if he opted to spend the rest of his days with such a princess.

  4. I would love to know if Jon Scieszka knew about the real story, Sharon. Would he have included the kiss?

    We have several Marshall-like, sweet versions, Joyce, and the kids have checked to see if they all have the throw-the-frog incident.

    All the kids agree, Brattcat, that the prince was crazy to stay with her.

    Mostly, they all loved the transformable frog/prince puppet (from Folkmanis) that we used with the story-telling.