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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chair Readers

For the past six school years, I have cringed at the sound of wood scraping against tile as children rushed to the reading alcove in hopes of getting one of the four coveted chairs that were set alongside the carpet. Inevitably, two bodies claimed to have been first, and the chaotic chatter about who should get the chairs took up too much time.

In August, we decided to move those four chairs to secluded spots in the library, and the result has been amazing. Obviously, arguments have ceased in the reading alcove as everybody sits on the carpet. Most pleasing, though, are the glimpses of readers, curled up in those chairs, completely absorbed in books. Oblivious to the book searching around them, they read, not even noticing the librarian with the camera who wants to capture the moment.


  1. Love the image of you tiptoeing around the libray with your camera!

  2. a comfy chair and a good book...two of the sweetest joys.

  3. What a wonderful photo...and such a familiar library!

  4. I just love watching readers with books. What I could not post was the photo of an entire class sitting on the alcove ledge, all engrossed in their books!