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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bring Home the Bacon

Some things occur several times within in a week and make me wonder about their appearance. This week it was the phrase "bring home the bacon". One of my colleagues told us about her husband's retirement and noted that she is now the one who has to bring home the bacon. Immediately, two of us began singing the Enjoli perfume commercial from 1980. A much younger colleague (who was not even born in 1980) thought so much of the singing that she needed to look for the video on YouTube! We all laughed about that ridiculous advertisement.

Today, though, the phrase came up in Little House in the Big Woods when Pa is telling Laura and Mary about how he came upon a bear in the woods ready to feast on a dead pig. One usually quiet boy's hand shot up, and he exclaimed, "That has two meanings, you know." He proceeded to tell his classmates and me that one meaning is the paycheck or money a person brings home, and the other meaning is when someone really does buy bacon meat to bring home. They looked at him in amazement! I did, too, knowing everyone would remember the two meanings and go home to tell their families.


  1. that is one wilbur-esque piglet.

  2. Whoah! Don't you love when a student pops out with something like that? Esp. the 'usually quiet' ones . . .?

  3. p. s. sorry for the flood of comments, but I'm catching up on your great posts.

  4. I do love this pig, Brattcat. There is always a litter at the State Fair in the Swine Barn, and visitors love to pet them.

    It is always a pleasure when children share insightful, knowledgeable comments, Sharon.