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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reading Recommendations

I love talking about books with people who are passionate about reading. Sometimes I discover books I never expected to like about topics I would never have considered reading if someone else had not loved the book (Ahab's Wife comes to mind). Generally, though, my friends read many of the same things I like to read, and we exchange book titles and topics freely. My dear friend Gloria (who lives in Washington and loves Mt. Rainier National Park just as our family did when visiting her 6 years ago) always sends a book title or two in her letters. My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira was her latest recommendation, and I have been engrossed in Mary's story for the past two days. I love it when a book so captures my attention that I have a hard time leaving the setting and characters to participate in real life. So, now that the Thanksgiving baking is finished, I am going back to 1861 and the makeshift hospital where she is caring for soldiers.


  1. I love the way you pass on reading suggestions, too - just the right amount of info. to entice.

  2. thanksgiving baking! ach, i knew there was something i was forgetting to do. hope none of my dinner guests are in need of a make-shift hospital by the end of the day. happy thanksgiving, dear jewel!

  3. My Name Is Mary Sutter--I loved that book! One more thing (along with a love of Mt Rainier) that we have in common, Library Jewel! By the way, my husband and I caught a glimpse of the Mountain gleaming with snow the Sunday before Thanksgiving as we drove along I-5 toward Seattle. After that it was shrouded by a week of rain.

    I will be interested in hearing your comments on Mary Sutter. I don't usually seek out books set during the Civil War, but Mary's story as a surgeon kept me engrossed (although I did skim some of the battle scenes). I came away grateful to have given birth with the benefits of modern medicine. How backwards it all was back then!

  4. I really did enjoy the book, Laurie, and like you, I skipped some of the more graphic battle scenes. Her determination to become a surgeon was sometimes even harrowing! The portrayal of Dorothea Dix has me thinking I should read a biography of her, just to verify the facts and fiction.

    I can imagine your view of the mountain. Check out Gloria's book THE CABIN KEY sometime; it is set at their cabin on the mountain :)

  5. Thanks for recommending THE CABIN KEY. Gloria sure sounds like an interesting person--you are lucky to know her! I've added her book to my list. After looking at the reviews, I think the text and illustrations will remind me of my Auntie Bea's cabin on the Wood River deep in the Wyoming mountains. Staying there was one of the formative experiences of my 9-year-old self!