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Thursday, November 24, 2011

In Thanksgiving

Each night before I fall asleep, I record at least five things in my journal for which I am grateful. I used to record only three, but I increased that number as it got easier. So far today I am grateful for color, for the friends who came to run our informal Turkey Trot (and eat my cinnamon rolls), for the freedom to wake up without an alarm clock, and for my family's health. I anticipate being grateful for the familiar drive across Wisconsin, for time with my parents in the afternoon, and for my sons' contented sighs after enjoying their grandma's cooking. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. so much to be grateful for. you could expand your list to twenty, to fifty, but then you would never get to sleep.

  2. Love the color in that yellow winter berry photo.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend, for whom I am very grateful. And Thanksgiving greetings to all around your family's table. Thinking of your mother's cooking makes ME sigh contentedly (but I've got wonderful leftovers to eat today from my sister's feast yesterday).

  4. How right you are, Brattcat! At your house, my list was far longer than 5 items!

    There are some bright orange berries I want to capture yet, Joyce. I just seem to see them only when I'm running (and thus do not have the camera).

    We would have loved to have you at the Thanksgiving table, David. I'm glad Debbie sent you home with leftovers.