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Monday, November 14, 2011

Author's Chair

Each time an author or illustrator visits the Red Balloon Bookshop, the talented person leaves a drawing or inscription on a chair. I have no idea what the bookshop does with these pieces of collaborative art, but I think they should be auctioned off to school libraries. I can only imagine the thrill it would give a young, would-be author or illustrator to sit in such a chair. Young people could share their own words and artwork, inspired by the words and art adorning the chair and by the beloved authors and illustrators who enhanced its appearance. I must ask about this idea sometime.


  1. great idea. when i visited the store many years ago there was a wall of autographs. much harder to auction that off.

  2. This made me think about having students (in classroom) adorn such a chair with names of books they've read . . .and/or characters' and authors' names . . .

  3. I wonder if they painted over that wall, Brattcat. I have not seen it. Lately the walls have been painted bright colors.

    I LOVE that idea, Sharon! Wouldn't that be a fantastic way to start out the school year, with a blank chair? I will pass this on to my agreeable colleagues.