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Saturday, November 12, 2011

In a Dog Suit

Stephen Shashkan appeared in a dog suit for his first-ever bookstore event this morning! The bookshop was so filled with children and their parents that I viewed the festivities from above in the Red Balloon's loft. Stephen read aloud from his playful book A Dog is a Dog, and the audience tried to fill in the correct rhyming animal when appropriate. His ingenious text tells of the dog's qualities - until the dog costume is unzipped, revealing a cat underneath. The same thing happens with the cat's characteristics - until its costume is shed to feature a purplish squid. The moose easily slips off the squid guise, and the text takes the reader back to the beginning with these lines:

A moose is a moose, in the clear...or the fog.
A moose is a moose, unless it's!

His bold and large illustrations are the perfect companions for the text. Readers at the bookshop loved it, and the readers to whom I am giving this book will undoubtedly agree.


  1. The first two days have been successful! Parents just love the variety of quality books!

  2. I've got a signed copy of A DOG IS A DOG ready to give one of my great nieces for Christmas. It is such a fun, playful book, and I'm not surprised Stephen's presentation was a hit!

  3. haha - I love the idea of this book!

  4. I'm glad you already got it for the one of the girls, David. They all have such a terrific collection of books from you.

    The dog-loving grandkids would love this one, Sharon.