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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reading Prompts Knitting

I knit often. Not quite daily, but I usually pick up a project a few times a week. Knitting gets me through long meetings, band concerts (though I once dropped the yarn ball and it rolled to the front of the high school auditorium), and car rides. Thanks to my grandma, I have been knitting since I was 16, and many warm things have come from my needles.

Knowing how much I love knitting, my friend Debra got me the best book: A Knitter's Home Companion by Michelle Edwards. To make the book last, I read just a bit each night, and instead of feeling sleepy, I feel like buying more yarn and starting new projects! Michelle writes about knitting, shares favorite books in which knitting is part of the story, ,gives recipes for favorite foods, and provides patterns for a blanket, mittens, socks, a purse, and several other unique things (like a chicken egg warmer). Generally, the book lives up to its subtitle: A Heartwarming Collection of Stories, Patterns, and Recipes.

On another note...I finally like the eyes I gave my doll, so she and the brown, nubby rabbit are off to Brattcat's house this weekend for shipping to Bon Samaritan in Haiti to be loved by children.


  1. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of Michelle's book last year when it was still in progress. I'm glad that it's now in print...and what a thoughtful gift!
    Your knit dolls are adorable, and will make two children in Haiti very happy. The girl reminds me of the doll on the Island of Forgotten Toys from the Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer television show!

  2. Theses are WONDERFUL! Persistence pays...her eyes are perfect.

  3. Those are beautiful, be proud!

  4. She does look like that doll from RUDOLPH, David! I never even intended that!

    I'm glad you like her eyes, Brattcat. She will be arriving soon at your door.

    And thank you, Gecika, for the compliment. I do love making them and imagining the child who will love them.

  5. Absolutely the doll looks like the misfit doll . . did she weep jelly tears? They are gorgeous and will end up in the arms of a young person who treasures them!