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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something Old to Something New

More than 27 years ago my sweet grandmother taught me to knit. After that basic knit/purl scarf made by every beginner, I wanted to learn how to make mittens. She had two copies of the 1953 publication Gloves and Mittens To Knit and Crochet for the Entire Family, and she gave one to me. It is worth far more than the 30 cents she paid for it decades ago.

Grandma guided me through a pair of basic mittens and showed me how to add a cable or two to the back of the hands. She taught me to change colors, and I later made those snowman mittens for my sons. I have made dozens of pairs over the years and am going to try something new today. With the wool I use for felting projects, I plan to make an extra large pair of those mittens she taught me to knit so long ago - and then see how well they turn out felted. Doing something to remember her is always a good way to bring someone dear close to my heart.


  1. Happy knitting...and remembering.
    I have a similar experience whenever I wear an article of my father's clothes, for example when I wore his leather vest when I went country dancing this weekend. It's nice to have those touchstones with the people we love and miss.

  2. There's something so calming about knitting, about having the rows begin to accumulate, of completing each piece of the puzzle, then assembling the pieces and discovering truly what you've created with your time, inch by inch, row by row.