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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mixing Up Some Reading Enthusiasm

At one end of Turtle Hall, Chris Monroe read aloud Sneaky Sheep, her humorous 2010 book about two reckless sheep named Rocky and Blossom who manage to sneak past Murphy, the sheep dog assigned to watch them, and get to the forbidden high meadow. At the opposite end, our multi-talented physical education teacher demonstrated the techniques involved in making cake pops. Children and parents milled around each of them, interested in hearing stories about Chico Bon Bon's creations (note the large wooden version of him on the table behind her) and wishing for a taste of the chef's handiwork.

In between the two attractions, readers perused the tables of books, many carrying stacks to purchase. New books arrived amidst the busyness, and just as we set them on the tables, they were snatched up by eager readers. What a wonderful night to be at the book festival!

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  1. This sounds perfectly wonderful! Congratulations!