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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rubbing Shoulders With Joyce

Joyce Sidman, guest author at the book festival today, brought drafts of Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry to share with visitors, as well as a dummy of Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night. Text Boxes and Word Art helped her create the basic format of Meow Ruff, and the artwork evolved from her initial designs. The shapes of crows, cats, trees, dogs, cars, and clouds materialized from her words, eventually becoming the bright book she signed for visitors. Thanks, Joyce, for traveling to spend time at the book festival on a snowy March afternoon!


  1. I hope your Book Festival is off to a flying (if snowy) start. Joyce is a wonderful first guest. I would have loved to have seen her drafts of Meow Woof.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful opening scene.

  3. Thanks, Julie--I had lots of fun. And you're right--there was no junk for sale. Only awesome books! Good luck with the rest of the fair.