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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy Authors

Lauren Stringer (author and illustrator of Winter is the Warmest Season and illustrator of Snow, Red Rubber Boot Day, Scarecrow, and The Princess and Her Panther, among others) and Joan Wolf (author of Someone Named Eva) greeted guests and signed books at the book festival this afternoon. They answered questions about their writing processes, and Lauren talked about creating the artwork for several of her books. Origami frogs appeared in various bright colors as Lauren taught children and parents to fold frogs. She learned to fold, of course, in preparation for making the paintings for Fold Me a Poem. When the two were not interacting with guests, they busily talked about their shared profession, something authors do not often get a chance to do.
One book I love has been selling well: Deborah Underwood's The Loud Book. Last year she released the companion book The Quiet Book, which I also love. The artwork is wonderful and intriguing. The simple yet insightful text is what captures my thoughts and reminds me of other loud (or quiet) times and moods in life.


  1. I bought the Loud Book today at the book fair and I love it-- perhaps more than the Quiet Book?? Gorgeous illustrations!
    What a wonderful book fair! I thoroughly enjoyed the company of dedicated teachers, parents, and fellow author, Joan. My favorite memories of the afternoon~ a reader crouched beneath one of the book tables thoroughly engrossed in a book and another avid young reader reading a book across the room against the wall, completely oblivious to the busy-ness all around him. I love this kind of reading!

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  3. Our first round at the Book Festival started with a signed copy of Red Rubber Boot Day! . Friday will be devoted to Chico Bon Bon! Already looking forward to Monday's authors' creations as well!

  4. It sounds as if the book festival is going brilliantly.

  5. I wish I could attend every day so I could meet all the authors you have coming in!