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Friday, March 18, 2011

Child Artist Revisited

Earlier this week my younger son and I re-organized the contents of my cedar chest. The many journals I have written for them about their words, actions, challenges, and accomplishments were placed in chronological order. We laughed at some of the notes written to me by him (and his brothers). I even cried at some of the forgotten works of art and cards created for me!

When we came upon some of his ship artwork, he snatched them to save in his bucket of special things (along with favorite stuffed animals, school accomplishments, and other noteworthy objects from his personal history. Today, though, he brought them out again, along with Ed Emberley's Jumbo Color Drawing Book and several of the other ships and boats he drew years ago.

That book - and Mr. Emberley's many other drawing and thumbprint books - have brought joy to so many would-be artists. The step-by-step drawings make it easy to create detailed pictures. We are going to try one tomorrow together.


  1. What great treasures! I can see why you are saving them!

  2. I love these! They're really good! And how great that he helped you clean out the closet!