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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Exhilarated Exhaustion

How else can I describe my current physical state but tired? So tired that I allowed myself permission not to write last evening after a 13+ hour day at school and the book festival. So tired that the alarm clock actually woke me this morning! Still, my brain is exhilarated with thoughts and images of the past two the smiles on Dave Geister's and Pat Bauer's faces along with a young reader who shopped ahead for his dad's Father's Day the proud children carrying rag dolls made from the direction of one of my the puppets from The Best Pet of All (performed last fall by the Paul Mesner Puppet Studio) and admired by many visitors, along with author David John Coy talking to children about his 4x4 books and signing copies for interested sports the beaming girls who taught origami folding to our principal and many of their Mike Wohnoutka explaining about the many boots worn by character Clementine Sweet to a second grader who has quite a boot collection of her Lynne Jonell teaching me to draw faces when she was not signing copies of her the many unique journals created by one of colleagues for visitors with various kinds of boxes (the tiny Jell-O pudding journal was my favorite) Margi Preus signing her first copy of Celebritrees for a 5th grader.

We are so glad to be tired while providing such fantastic opportunities for families. This festival is doing exactly what we hoped: offering activities and events for families to engage with authors and school experts, giving families the chance to purchase wonderful books and materials to support literacy and learning, and supporting a local, independent business.

Now I need to spend time with Major Ernest Pettigrew as I finish Helen Simonson's Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. I am close to the end and absolutely love this book. Thanks to Mr. Brattcat for recommending it!


  1. What an honor it was to be part of your Book Festival last night! I so enjoyed having the chance to visit with parents and students, and to see kids so passionate about books. You, your colleagues, and your parent volunteers are providing something very special to these families.
    My favorite part of last night? Meeting your three-year-old neighbor who was so clearly excited about getting new books to read. His joy was contagious.

  2. Isn't he wonderful? I loved his giggle when your dragon puppet scratched his ear :)