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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miscellaneous/Miss Alaineus

It is Spring Break for me. This week Debra Frasier and I are scanning rough drafts, revisions, letters to and from her editor, notes to herself, images, artwork possibilities, and close-to-perfect work from her book Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster. I have thoughtfully selected these things from the many folders she donated to the University of Minnesota's Kerlan Collection, and they will comprise a portfolio for teachers to use with students.

This book's impact in schools has been tremendous. Children devise innovative costumes representative of word and march in hundreds of Vocabulary Parades across the country each year. Interest in vocabulary blossoms as students and teachers explore words and their meanings.

We look forward to giving classrooms the opportunity to see Debra's working process throughout the phases of this book in the portfolio we create!


  1. Debra is indeed a teacher at heart, just like you. And I love the photo! I hadn't seen it before! I'm glad schools will have even more ways to explore Debra's book...and I hope they will take advantage of this great resource.

  2. What a regal Miss Alaineus you make.

  3. Do you stil have this costume? How did you make it?