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Friday, August 5, 2011

Wondering About a Book

I have written books. They are recipe books for dear friends as gifts of thanks or in honor of marriages. Some of the recipes are my own concoctions, but most are revised from another source.

I wonder, though, if I could write a real book. The thought has been echoing in my mind intensely over the past month. This morning as I read-walked with Geraldine Brooks's newest novel Caleb's Crossing, I marveled at the research she did to take one piece of history and create a story about Caleb Cheeshahteaumauk's life. See for an interview with her.

I would not be a good science fiction or fantasy writer...I have a hard enough time reading those genres. I love historical fiction, art, music, photography, and baking. There are so many tidbits I have written in journals through the years that I would love to incorporate in a novel. Could I do it? The ideas are cooking.


  1. Well, you are a marvelous cook and you have the ingredients. All you need is the will to create. It sounds as if that is rising like yeast in your heart. Nurture it. When the will becomes strong enough, when the yeast is begging to leaven the bread and even when you beat it down it still rises, then you'll know you're ready.

  2. I'm with Brattcat. Keep in contact with that part of your heart that yearns to write, and when you feel your moment, MAKE the time to sit down and begin. And be easy on yourself, and know that beginnings are often hard. Love the process and you will love the work.

  3. You have marvelous advice from the two previous posters. The idea will percolate in your mind until you are ready and it seems to me that you are getting closer and closer to the beginning of your journey.

  4. I agree, you've already received some great advice. And I'll add what I tell kids (and myself), you have to sit down and WRITE to be an author. And I'll especially second what Joyce said, be easy on yourself. No one would expect somebody to be able to score the Super Bowl winning touchdown the first time they pick up a football. But it all starts with that very first step, and the next, and the next. You'll have lots of friends cheering your efforts.

  5. I appreciate all the feedback. Ideas are percolating as I walk and run each day. I am closer to getting them on paper (or on my computer screen).