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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mercy Watson to the CTC

When Kate DiCamillo published Mercy Watson to the Rescue in 2005, I could hardly wait to share the book with children - and adults. I read it aloud to fifth graders (some of whom tried not to laugh, even though I knew they wanted to do so) and first graders (who all laughed uproariously). My mom bought a set. My dad read them. My aunt, a fan of pigs (and now porcine wonders), loves her copies. So, even though the books are considered early readers, they have age-wide appeal.

Today I will be spending time with Mercy, a pig who loves hot-buttered toast even more than I do, as I prepare activities and a discussion for 60 or so children. The Children's Theatre Company is starting a great thing in their 2011-12 season: Read & Play Book Clubs. Each of the season's plays is based on a book, and at one special performance of each, playgoers will get a copy of the book. They are invited to stay after the show to participate in the book club, and I feel fortunate to be the person who gets to talk with them.

What is not to love about a pig who invites trouble at every opportunity yet is considered a darling and dear by her doting parents?


  1. give mercy a little kiss on her pink nose from me.

  2. How exciting! We will have to talk about how your discussion goes...I've been chosen to lead the discussion/activity after their performance of The Wizard of Oz later in the season! I will have big footsteps to follow in!

  3. I would love to know what you have decided to do, David. My ideas are still percolating.