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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alphabet Forest volunteers

Until last year's inaugural season with the Alphabet Forest, I never imagined the people who visited the State Fair prior to its opening day. The grounds streets are filled with cars, and folks are busy hanging banners, assembling structures, and organizing supplies.

This afternoon's breezy, partly-cloudy weather made it the perfect day to prepare the Alphabet Forest for visitors on Thursday. We collectively assembled teacher bags, retouched paint on some of the decor, hung shelves, organized materials, and completed numerous other smaller duties. My favorite visual from the day is the bulletin board of volunteer name tags (all created by using Debra Frasier's photographs of letters, reset into the sequence of each volunteer's name with Adobe InDesign). They hang next to the red aprons each person will wear, just inside the door of the Alphabet Forest cabin.

If you have not seen the summary of the work we did last year, visit and click on the Alphabet Forest at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair to view the video.

Get your own game card, search for words from each letter of the alphabet, and bring it to the Alphabet Forest to get a blue ribbon!


  1. I hope this is as adored this year as it was last. I looked for my name on the volunteer board but it didn't appear.
    But I saw yours there! Have fun!!!!

  2. I will be there in spirit. Hope you see lots of busy, happy kids (and a few, I bet, who see your booth as a haven from the noise and crowds).

  3. You're right, Brattcat. None of the volunteers shares your special name.

    Thanks, Joyce. If last year is the model, we will only see happy kids :)

  4. The Alphabet Forest is off to a Fabulous start! And it's due to all the wonderful volunteers who make it happen, especially you, Library Jewel!