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Saturday, August 13, 2011

An Afternoon of Books

My youngest son and I could see Tall Dave standing on the steps of the Red Balloon Bookshop from the corner. His bony tie stood out starkly against the black shirt. He quickly explained the "Boo Ball" game (three ghostly socks each weighted with a tennis ball that were tossed into a bucket - to win a Boo Pop, two of the three must end up in the bucket) to my son who would direct it for the next 90 minutes. Inside the store, guests were already waiting to have their copies of The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories signed by David LaRochelle.

Some of my favorite afternoons have been spent in this store. In addition to enjoying David's reading of the three stories and having him sign copies for children I love, I was fortunate to talk with Debra Frasier about details for the Alphabet Forest, meet the bookshop's new owners and talk about ways we will work together, take photos of David interacting with guests and of the children who entered the scary face contest, and peruse new books. The afternoon is drawing to a close now, and my heart and mind and filled with stories and memories.


  1. So sorry to have missed it; got swamped with family phone calls. I was thinking of you and Tall Dave, though, and knowing that he was thoroughly entertaining his audience. Bet the "boo pops" were a big hit!

  2. What a happy afternoon it was for me! Old friends, new friends, relatives, and strangers, all coming to this wonderful bookstore to help me celebrate my latest book! Thank you, Julie, for being the official photographer, and thanks to your youngest for manning the "Boo Ball" game. The day wouldn't have been such a success without you!