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Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Its Place

The letters swayed in the breeze. The red-roofed cabin was festooned with red strips and yellow dots (imagine painted theatre lights). The fence was anchored on the street corner. And at 9:00 a.m. today the Alphabet Forest opened for the second year to Minnesota State Fair visitors.

The perfectly sunny day yielded lots of eager word-seekers who brought completed game cards and received blue ribbons! Illustrator Mike Wohnoutka was featured as the Minnesota Homegrown Author, and his coloring and lettering activities delighted the young folks who gathered around the table. It was a FAIR DAY, as some guests spelled out in the photo area!


  1. oh, fair indeed. like a blushing young maiden. happy opening day!

  2. And what a fantastic day it was! Everything fit together so smoothly, belying all the hard work and stressful moments that Debra Frasier and all the volunteers went through in order to make this glorious place a reality. I was as excited as any eight-year-old when I returned with my completed game card and collected my blue ribbon! Here's to a string of fabulous fair days!

  3. A perfect stop for a perfect day at the Fair!
    My four year old son asked for his alphabet list and pencil as we stopped in the shade today. He gasped and said with great disappointment, "OH NO! I already have F. I wanted to write FOOD." Problem solved; under the word Firetruck, he was able to squeeze in the word Food. All was right with the world.

  4. I love that story, Tja! There were so many fabulous moments spent with kids and their game cards! The Firetruck did indeed drive by in the afternoon parade! Thanks for visiting.

    David, your wishes fabulous days are ringing true thus far! We might make our game card words fit the things we have experienced IN the Alphabet Forest...Crowds for C, Mayhem for M (in the photo booth area!), etc.