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Monday, August 29, 2011

In My House

In my house...a library. In the library...bookshelves. On one bookshelf...a wooden box. Inside the wooden box...a heart-shaped bracelet. On the heart-shaped bracelet...the name Lucille. In the name Lucille...the memories of a beloved grandmother.

After reading Marianne Dubuc's picture book In Front of My House, my mind has been composing shorter versions like the one above in a form similar to the book's text. Each prepositional phrase begins with the object that ended the last one. Once inside the house, the reader is transported under the bed, into a book of fairy tales, through some tales, into outer space, inside a whale's belly, to a zoo, and eventually back to that house on a little hill.

I love the simple illustrations! I love the way the text flows from some random and some sensible things to others. I love thinking about things in my own world and how I can bring them in a circular fashion as Ms. Dubuc does in her book. I look forward to sharing it with kids...and encouraging them to write something like she did.


  1. Love this, would be great to do with kids.

  2. This sounds a little like The House in the Night. Is it similar?

  3. I thought the same thing, Joyce! And I agree, Sharon, what a great creative writing exercise for kids.

  4. If the children have as much success playing with this as you did we will have many wonderful new writers.

  5. The book is so much deeper than The House in the Night and yet easier for me to follow in some ways. When I use it at school, I will post some results!