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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Little Red Hen

Sometimes at home I feel like the Little Red Hen. When all the cookies are baked, the members of my household are happy to eat the finished product. Getting others to help with the stirring, baking, and clean-up is usually not successful.

Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel deliver a twist to the story in The Little Red Pen. Filled with their characteristic wit and puns, the story features a red pen who must scritch-scratch her way through a stack of papers (as Janet is noted for her use of scanned objects included in artwork, teachers might notice some Everyday Math papers among the piles). Stapler, Pencil Stub, Pushpin, Scissors, Eraser, and Highlighter are no help...until the Little Red Pen's inadvertent fall from the desktop into the Pit. The desk drawer colleagues work together to rescue her and a few of their other friends from that dark Pit. The zany class hamster gets involved with his wheel, creating a frenzy of activity.

Young readers will laugh at the rescue, and older readers will appreciate the puns.

Note: I did not help bake the butterfly cupcakes and Frog and Toad size chocolate chip cookies. Kim and Brad created those lovely items together!


  1. Just looking at that photo makes me hungry!

    From someone who does a lot more eating than helping to bake.

  2. You contribute in other ways, David!