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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fair Weather

When summer weather is hot and humid, I camp indoors with my books, knitting, journals, and other projects. Today's weather, though, is excellent for summer. It is mostly cloudy with a wonderful breeze that sweeps through the entire house. My son noted that he hardly got sweaty on his morning run.

As I write this, a box of envelopes, maps, letters, multi-colored pens, and State Fair tickets sits next to me. With every volunteer response, I add fill another slot on our schedule in the Alphabet Forest and then address an envelope and fill it with the other necessities.

This year the Alphabet Forest will look much the same with the popular photo tent, mini-banners, vocabulary game cards, and ferris wheel coloring sheets. The new features are sure to delight the crowds: a different guest author/illustrator for each day of the Fair, a fabulous Minnesota Home Grown Author booklet, and an incredible spinning wheel for winning a word from our State Fair Dictionary. Fair-goers can also purchase books by those authors and illustrators and have them signed in the Alphabet Forest, thanks to the wonderful folks at Mackin (my favorite book vendor).

I love how projects come together with help from so many sources and willing volunteers. Fair weather is only two weeks away!


  1. If Hansel and Gretel wandered into this forest they wouldn't bother leaving a trail of crumbs...because they'd never want to leave.

  2. I wish you could be there to see just how many people of ALL ages come to stay! Watching the video always makes me smile.

  3. I am very excited to be one of the guest authors this year - I had such a good time last year as a volunteer. You are right, Julie, people of all ages had so much fun last year. And one of the biggest volunteers who is making all the pieces of this wild crazy wonderful puzzle fall in place is YOU! Thank you!