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Friday, March 16, 2012


I love my friends. Each brings something important to my life, brightening my days and lightening my soul. Never have I been in the position where I felt without a friend. We never moved when I was in school. The young narrator of Norton Juster's Neville was not so fortunate. When his family moves (without any warning to him), he is distraught and in search of at least one good friend. He roams the neighborhood and calls, "Neville!" Soon he is joined by another boy and then a girl and then a whole bunch of kids, all calling, "Neville!" Each of them becomes a friend of sorts. G. Brian Karas's illustrations show their unique traits as they all promise to return the next day. The surprise ending is delightful!


  1. friends are the sweet icing on the bun of life, aren't they?

    1. Of course! They are always welcome, too.

  2. And YOU are a sweet friend to so many!