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Friday, March 23, 2012


Typing the post's title, I imagined the musical version of "Chopsticks" played by Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia in Big. Amy Krouse Rosenthal's newest book of the same title makes me smile just as much. Best friends forever, Chopsticks go everywhere and do everything with each other. When an accident results in a clean break for one of them, the friends decide they must separate during the rehabilitation. With a Chop, Chop, the healthy friend sets off to discover new possibilities (like pick-up sticks) until the two are reunited with a toast.  Her previous collaboration with illustrator Scott Magoon was Spoon, and it, too, is filled with puns.


  1. i just used a set last night to eat siam salmon and admired the glossy pair provided to me by the restaurant...much like the pair in the photo.

    1. The maroon pair is mine, and the gold pair is my husband's. We keep safe until I make sushi :)