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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Two smiling first graders came to our door the other day. "Is clap an onomatopoeia?" they asked. "Hmm. Let me do some research," I told them. "I'll come to your room soon." The library books were all checked out. No website seemed completely credible...though some did indicate clap was an onomatopoeia. I clapped a few times in our office. It definitely is an onomatopoeia. They clapped when I came with the verdict.


  1. What a great way to teach that literary device. My students always "got it" quickly because the loved the whole idea of it.

  2. PS. I read your recommended books list and wonder if you have any of Byrd Baylor's books, which I absolutely adore?!

  3. Where did you teach, Kate? At school we have all of Byrd Baylor's books. My list so far contains books
    I mention here. If I added all those I love, I would need another blog!

  4. Answering your note a bit late...I taught both middle and upper school students for 28 years at St. Paul Academy. Loved the kids who were privileged to go to such a fine school where students are honored and really loved by the faculty and staff. Altho I don't miss the work, I miss the students!

    1. I've considered job changes, Kate, but when I think of being without students, I cannot imagine leaving the school system. Thanks for sharing your SPA experience.