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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Childhood Reading

Most of my early reading materials were Golden Books and those square cardboard books published by Witman. My paternal grandmother worked at Woolworth's, and I think she bought many of them for me. My maternal grandmother had a collection of books likes that (like Mr. Punnymoon's Train, published as a Rand McNally Elf book), and she read them to me and our extended cousins. When my maternal grandmother died, she left instructions that I should get the figurine of a little girl reading. I love its colors and thoughtfulness, but I especially love that my grandmother wanted me to have it. I hold it sometimes just to be a bit closer to her spirit.

Until a few weeks ago, I thought it was just a Hummel look-alike. A wise friend was admiring it and told me that Maria Innocentia Hummel often signed her pieces along an edge. She showed me the raised signature along the hem of the little girl's dress. What a treasure it is, sitting on a shelf near my picture book collection.


  1. Such a special figure - love hearing about this.

  2. i'm going to guess that knowing it's a hummel couldn't make it any more precious to you than it already was. what an enchanting and perfect little treasure for you.

  3. It is indeed a real treasure because it came from someone you loved, and because she recognized a special characteristic of yours.