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Friday, October 21, 2011

Wrapping Up the Words

On a cherished day off from school, I wrapped the books I have purchased during the year as gifts for my nieces, nephew, neighborhood children, and friends (while watching a movie and stopping to do household errands). It looks like I need to stop supporting the bookshop and focus more on the college funds! But the people getting these books will love them, I know. They are so good that they must be shared! When I imagine the readers turning the pages and taking in the words and artwork, I smile, knowing my well-intended gifts will bring hours of reading pleasure.


  1. What lucky, lucky, young people you have in your life. You will (once again) be giving much joy.
    I'm not nearly as on-the-ball as you, but I bought my first Christmas gift (a personalized copy of Stephen Shaskan's terrific A DOG IS A DOG) for one of my great niece's this weekend, so I'm on my way!

  2. Yes, lucky recipients! And how organized you are!

  3. I love Stephen's illustrations in A DOG IS A DOG, David. I think I am organized but perhaps also have a touch of OCD, Sharon :) And, like you, I get distracted by other things I love and appreciate. Thus, I need to keep myself thinking ahead.