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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mile Long Letters

David LaRochelle mesmerized the audience at Family Reading Night last evening. It began with his reading of the brief first letter from Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, David's favorite chapter book. He proceeded to tell about the letters he has received and written over the years:

  • an itsy bitsy letter from a friend in college

  • a gigantic letter on newsprint in return to that friend

  • an extra long letter formed by taping together the cut-up lines of a regular letter

  • letters on leaves

  • the letter he sent me in a plastic bottle last week

  • messages written on huge sheets of cardboard and then cut into postcard sizes to mail separately, forming a large puzzle

  • letters on creatively constructed stationery, using a copy machine to reproduce things like leaves

  • a letter from his sister when she went to summer camp

  • a letter from his mom when he was in college

  • letters written in code (backwards, upside down)

  • letters folded into their own envelopes (which he taught everyone to do, including all the adults)

The way he decorates his envelopes inspired guests to try their own! Inspired describes each child and adult in attendance. There were gasps for each new thing David showed and shared. They gladly grabbed large newsprint sheets, postcards, ready-made turtle stationery, and envelopes to begin writing letters at home.

The thank you letter my teaching partner and I sent him today is one of my favorite creations. I'm ready to write a mile-long letter to my nephew.


  1. What a fun time I had last night! I was happy to share my creative letter writing ideas with others, and I hope there will be a few more letters passing through the postal system in the next few days. Actual hand-written letters are too special to let die away. And of course I'll be waiting to see the letter that I get from you in my mailbox!

    P.S. The peanut butter cup cookies you gave me last night have been delicious!

  2. Did you take a photo of your thank you letter to David? I'd love to see. I would have loved sitting in on that presentation, too.