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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Treats

I have always loved Halloween, not for the gruesome, scary side of it but for the simple pleasure of pretending to be something or someone else. At school, I love watching the children parade through the library in their costumes...some wanting to remain in character and some peeking through their masks to grin at me.

The day has been filled with treats: reading aloud One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street to third graders, reading aloud the second chapter of Peter Pan to second graders, helping students find books, savoring several chocolates. At the end of the day a student and his mom brought me a treat: the most delicious chocolate cookies I could imagine (and which I now want to figure out how to make myself). When I returned home, I walked a Halloween treat down the street to my young friends Conrad and Bettina, and then I had the pleasure of reading aloud The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories to that dinosaur and Tinkerbell. And now, as I write, I must pause for the doorbell every few minutes. Play-Doh has been the favorite thing from my treat bowl!


  1. Alas, we have had only four trick-or-treaters so far . . . our neighborhood is growing up. But the sickle moon is hanging in the ghostly sky, and the pumpkins are glowing . . . Happy Halloween!

  2. what lucky trick-or-treaters who find their way to you at the end of october.

  3. I'm honored that HAUNTED HAMBURGER was part of your Halloween!
    As you know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays too, not only for the dressing-up, but for the PUMPKINS! I carved 17 pumpkins this year. Whew! And unlike Joyce, I spent Halloween in a neighborhood that had 99 trick-or-treaters, so I had a large and appreciative audience for my jack-o-lanterns.
    By the way, who made those delicious-looking pumpkin cupcakes?

  4. No, they're not cupcakes, they're cookies!

  5. The moon was so lovely on Halloween, Joyce. Did you get more than 4 trick-or-treaters?

    I can't believe you carved 17 pumpkins, David. I cannot choose a favorite among them, but I am glad I got to see THE HAUNTED HAMBURGER in person at AASL.

    I baked the cut-out cookies, and the boys helped with the decorating. Jim helped with the black cats (not pictured) and gave some interesting touches (like orange eyebrows).