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Monday, October 10, 2011

One and a Half Shelves

My teenage niece wanted to talk with me tonight. I had called to speak with her mom, but the sweet girl engaged in a long conversation with me about books. Her birthday was last week, and she always gets books from me. From her parents this year, she got to move her room to the basement and paint it the colors she likes. I had to move all my books, she told me, so I counted them. Apparently there are more than 200! Yours take up a shelf and a half, she continued. Those were my favorite words of the day.


  1. shelf-and-a-half julie...the name suits you, truly.

  2. Brattcat, that's the beginning of a poem!

  3. kind of a slidey sort of rhyme, joyce. but thanks.
    julie, the apples were at green mountain orchard in putney.

  4. Thanks for the rhyme, Brattcat. I wish I could visit the orchard with you. Afterward we could peel and slice apples with some cool tool we find at Brown & Roberts!