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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sharing Stories

My friend from Turkey is visiting our country for six weeks, and I so enjoy all the things we do together. Though she dislikes cooking, she said she would teach me to make something during this visit. That thing was Turkish coffee, and she also brought the most lovely coffee set for us to use when she departs.

Last night after dinner, she showed me the steps in the preparation process, and tonight I will try them myself. It is traditional, she said, for the people waiting for the coffee to converse, often forgetting the coffee until it boils over! We laughed that there is an expression like "a watched pot never boils" in her country also.

From this one cultural lesson, I learned never to hand a scissors (or knife) to another person (when she was opening the coffee); instead, the sharp item should be set on the counter for the other to pick up. Handing it off foretells an argument. I learned how the prospective groom's family comes to the prospective bride's family so that parents can discuss the engagement, all of which is done over a serving of Turkish coffee prepared by the young woman (who slips salt into her beloved's coffee instead of sugar). I learned that if there was not a dessert prepared, her family would enjoy fruit after dinner with their tea (or coffee). I savored again how much I appreciate learning about another person's world.


  1. and we savor the fact that you share what you've learned with us. turkish coffee is very strong. mr. brattcat, who loves strong coffee, had to cut his with water while we visited in turkey, much to the dismay of those around us. as for me, i'll take apple tea every time.

  2. I agree with brattcat; we are lucky to be recipients of all that you learn and experience. And what a cool photo! It looks like a magic magnifying glass, or a gavel with super powers!

  3. I am glad to have met your friend!