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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Story-Filled Day

Our family and friends were immersed in stories yesterday. From the morning family story hour with David LaRochelle at the public library (hosted by my mom and me) to shared stories of Turkish and American engagements and marriages to an afternoon of stories in my mom and dad's foyer, the day overflowed with words, images, sounds (and intense silence as the audiences watched David draw), tastes (like sundaes and toppings from our favorite hometown ice cream shop for all the guests), and scents. David capped off the afternoon by drawing special pictures for my nieces of nephews of themselves doing things they love. It was a magical day.


  1. How wonderful to be surrounded by stories and art all day long. David, I'm hoping to attend your reading at The Bookcase in Wayzata at the end of October.

  2. It was a magical day (weekend) for me as well. Your entire family, Julie, made me feel so welcome. You have a wonderful hometown library, and a wonderful family; I'm honored I got to enjoy them both.

  3. You would have loved the day, Joyce! I look forward to spending at least some time with you soon.