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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cookies Shared

Today two of my friends celebrated their birthdays, and all of us were together at lunch for cake and tea. One brought lovely, decorated cookies for each of us in attendance. My family enjoyed bits and pieces of this after dinner. The other received 51 chocolate chip cookies in honor of his 51 years.

While the others finished cake, tea, and their chatting, I read aloud "Butterball" to the third graders in the reading alcove. The birthday boy came to join us at the end, and he told the children about his gift of 51 cookies. What do you think I should do with them? he asked. Responses ranged from sharing the cookies with them to sharing the cookies with teachers to putting them in his freezer. Most creative of all was the idea of writing a story about how they were eaten. I can envision about book like that...almost a map of the character's days until the last crumb has been enjoyed.


  1. Hmmm . . . that may be a story you have to write, Library Jewel.

  2. What a wonderful birthday you made for me, Library Jewel! Those 51 cookies are snug in my freezer, waiting to come out in November as treats to savor throughout the month (tonight I'm enjoying the delicious piece of turtle cake you sent home with me - yum!).
    The idea of writing a story about the cookies and how they were eaten reminds me of one of my favorite books growing up: 100 POUNDS OF POPCORN by Hazel Krantz. A family finds a hundred pound bag of unpopped corn, and the kids try all sorts of money-making ventures as they try to sell popcorn. I loved that story!

  3. And THAT reminds me one of my favorite picture books: JAM, by Margaret Mahy. It's a very funny story about a family grappling with the produce of a large plum tree.

    David, you are lucky to have a freezer full of Julie's cookies--but you know that already . . .

  4. Alas, David and Joyce, I discovered that both of your recommendations are out of print! Someday I would love to read your copies. My library system does not have them either. Thanks for your thoughts.