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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reading Rut

When I do not post an entry, it is for one of three reasons. Either I am tired, so busy, or cannot find a good book about which to write. The latter has been this week's reason. I am in the midst of a reading rut. Nothing I check out from the library especially impresses me lately, and I decided early in my reviewing work never to write about a book I did not like. Most of the reviews I read in national publications do not mention the noteworthy negative aspects of books. I would often buy titles that appeared to be wonderful in reviews, only to be disappointed by weak story lines, lack of strong editing, and inappropriate content for the recommended age level. I decided most review publications must either be averse to stating truth about books or have different standards than mine.

This week I started many books. With several, I was hopeful at first, thinking the author/story/book/content would be worthy of my standards. After a few chapters, I ended up confessing to my teaching partner that I could not appreciate each and suggesting she try them. She has felt the same.

Thus, I promote books I believe are the best. Ones in which the engaging content or story keep me connected. Ones with which I know readers will identify. Ones with excellent artwork or images that stimulate visual literacy. And ones with that special emotional delivery that make me laugh, cry, and ponder.


  1. So, Madame Jewel, what I hear for a "Word (or 3) of the Post": Integrity, Focus, Excellence.
    I left you a note about Seuss' "Many Colored Days", good observation!
    1 of my librarian friends just introduced me to "Look Up: Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard" & I love it!

  2. PS. Is this like a proverb? When stuck for inspiration, go out & build a snowman.