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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Book Books

The wonderfully talented writer of Sketchbook Wandering and I have been exchanging book ideas since "meeting" each other via our blogs. Recently, she sought titles for showing how positive habits are established, specifically reading and visiting the library. Many of the titles I considered were already on her list...and then others would float into my mind as I walked in the sunshine this week.

One of my favorites is BOOK! BOOK! BOOK! by Deborah Bruss. When the farm children return to school in the fall, all the animals search for something to occupy their time. They trek to town, following a sign to the library. Each volunteers in turn to enter and ask the librarian for help, but none are successful - until the hen goes indoors. Imagine a hen's sound, and you will understand how she was finally the one to communicate with the librarian effectively. The animals return to the farm with books for everyone. Only the frog is disappointed because he already "read-it".

I baked animal cookies yesterday ( using some farm cookies cutters retrieved from my great aunt's house 19 years ago. Not only are they delicious, but they will make the perfect snack for my young neighbor friends when we read BOOK! BOOK! BOOK! together tomorrow.


  1. I hope that you can meet your blogging friend! Cookie cutters are heirlooms!

    1. These are less of an heirloom than I first thought; the store label is a place I remember shopping during my youth. But I still love the cookie cutters.

  2. Replies
    1. They were really good. I might bake some for you...except they do not have chocolate.

  3. Oh, thank you for this post! Thanks to you, I did read this one to the K & first graders & we had so much fun with it! Even though they were older than my old preschool groups, they still had so much fun helping along with the oinks & the moo's & then it was so much fun to get them guessing as to why the frog was not happy! I'm finally back to blog land, & I was just planning to do a post about the Book Books! I sure do wish I lived in a neighborhood with you as my neighbor! (I guess we do get to be neighbors here though!)