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Friday, March 8, 2013

Finally...Red Hat!

When I set out each morning for a walk or run in winter, I usually don one of my red hats. The characters in Lita Judge's new book RED HAT enjoy an adventure with a red hat. The best box of books I opened for the spring book festival contained that book. Since seeing it last summer in its folded and gathered (F and G) state, I looked forward to sharing it with kids.

When the human child hangs the red hat on the clothesline and retreats to the cabin (both familiar to those who have red Lita's RED SLED, the animals find it useful for more than covering and warming a head! As they chase and run, the hat begins to unravel, creating some fun adventures. With only onomatopoeic words to accompany Lita's energetic artwork, the story unfolds (unravels?) across the pages, ending in wonder for at least one person.

I look forward to opening another box this week, this one containing the signed copies I have ordered and will give to the readers I love.


  1. beautifully completed circle.

  2. Christmas in Springtime, opening those boxes! Pure delight. I too have one red hat, it's my snowstorm hat...Happy boxes & books!