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Sunday, March 10, 2013



When I was young, I did not want to practice piano. Being a good sight reader, I would often get by at my lessons, something about which I feel badly now. I practice many things daily: patience, reading, knitting, and usually baking/cooking. Yesterday I practiced piano, too. The best practice of the day, though, resulted in a delicious cake from VINTAGE CAKES by Julie Richardson. Definitely one to repeat. The pound of mixed berries, marinated with sugar and brandy, covers an unusually mixed batter and is topped with a crumb mixture containing candied ginger. Mmm.


  1. yummm, your before and after pictures make me very hungry.

  2. Tempting to get in the car and visit the closest bakery. I love to cook but my baking is always a flop since it is hard for me to follow a recipe exactly. It's more fun for me to wield the spoon over a hot stove. I hope that you have a lovely week as you enjoy your surroundings!

  3. The cake AND the cookbook look delicious! Again, serendipity: I've been asked to present story times in a school on the theme, "Creating Healthy Habits", which I equate with Practice. I was going to write you to ask for ideas you might have...And, so I will...(Its one of those where I could do anything, because daily reading is the habit they're promoting. I have many directions but nothing specific yet...