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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Word Kitchen

At the Alphabet Forest, visitors are encouraged to leave with more words than they came. The Word Kitchen offers a unique way to add words to their game cards and vocabularies...pick a sweet, sour, spicy, secret, special, simmering, or special pot, stir carefully (with one of a host of utensils), and select a word!

During the hours I took photographs yesterday, visitors used the giant, laminated Fair letters and pool noodles to spell their first or last names (ANDERSON three times), the word FAMILY, a holiday greeting, and MN FAIR. But my son, doing that job on the previous shift, had the best words from one man: MARRY ME. He captured the moment and the kiss on film for the couple!


  1. Would love to watch people come and go here . . .

  2. What a terrific story and a photo to go with it!! Instead of MORE words, the young woman was probably speechless!!