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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Story to Tell

Even the cover of Philip Stead's new book hinted to me I would love it. A thoughtful-looking bear rests on a log, clearly engaged in discussion with a mallard. The title - Bear Has a Story to Tell - perfectly summarizes the plot: a sleepy bear wants to share a story with one of the forest creatures before a long winter's nap. The mouse is too busy gathering seeds. The duck is preparing to fly south. The frog is searching for a warm place to sleep. Bear assists each one before checking on the mole, who is already asleep. When Bear rolls in the green grasses of spring, he still has that story to tell, but not before he properly greets his friends again. The story he tells - at the suggestion of his friends - just happens to include a mouse, a duck, a frog, and a mole. Heartwarming. Perfect for reading aloud in the coming weeks as children learn about hibernation.

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