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Thursday, September 20, 2012

What an Idea!

Fourth graders have been writing friendly letters to me as practice and review in MS Word. One young friend told me he spent so many hours reading this summer that he is crazy about it. He also said his friends agree with him that we should have more reading time at school. They think we should have another specialist block (in addition to PE, music, art, science, and information literacy) called "reading no teachers" in which kids could just read whatever they wanted for 55 minutes.

I would be happy to add that to the schedule. Every day and night I wish for more reading time! So many times parents and education critics see reading time during the school day as a waste of instructional time. What a wonderful thing that this idea came from some boys talking about reading!

p.s. This older photo is of the boys and me when David Small and Sarah Stewart visited the Red Balloon!


  1. You look like one of the kids in the photo. I'm all for more reading time, too

  2. I think when we grew up, reading was a stolen pleasure, never to be done in school except at indoor recess. Now I think it is the only time some kids read. And it has a wonderfully soothing effect, too; it's a way of escaping the enclosed world of the classroom for a little while.