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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where's Miri?

After school today, my trusted teaching partner bid me farewell in the parking lot, wished me happy reading, and asked, "Where's Miri?" She finished Shannon Hale's newest book - Palace of Stone - and brought it for me to read prior to its due date at the public library. One of our jobs is to read books, but we could never do that during the school day, so I am left with few hours at night to complete the books on my list. This one has captivated me! Shannon brought readers easily to the continued saga of Miri and the other girls from Mount Eskel who are going to live in Asland and attend their fellow Princess Academy member Britta as she prepares to marry Prince Steffan.

The depth of Miri's character has been so established throughout the two books that I feel I could talk with her. She has continued to display wisdom and consideration while adding information to her opinions and understanding of the political climate and social standings. I must finish tonight, not because it is due tomorrow, but because I must know what heroism Miri is going to display in the last third of the book. She is, by the way, just riding in the carriage to the chapel.


  1. I'm surprised that you still have energy to blog after a long day at school. I hope that you have a very fun and fullfilling school year!

  2. She's a wonderful writer, isn't she.

  3. You are a mind-reader, Kate. By the lack of posts last week, it is clear I did not have the energy or time most days to write when I got home! Plus, I just had to finish the book.

    Yes, Brattcat, she is a lovely writer.