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Saturday, September 1, 2012


The Who...friends, Alphabet Forest visitors, sons, husband

The What...running, taking hundreds of photos at the AF, wandering around the State Fair

The Why...because all these things are important to me

The way the whole wild day came together has made me especially tired this evening, but at bedtime, I am elated to read and reread Tell Me About Your Day Today, written by Mem Fox and extraordinarily illustrated by my dear friend Lauren Stringer. As a young girl, I used to tell my orangish stuffed dog about my day each evening at bedtime. Lauren makes me wish I remember more of what I said to that dog that I so carefully tucked in next to me. Her ingenious way of telling a story with artwork makes me want to know more of how she conceived of the plan to extend the text so wonderfully. Good night.

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  1. Adults should pay close attention to childhood bedtime rituals. Reinstating them into our lives might prove to be a very pleasant experience. Since this is the beginning of a new month, I think I'll try to do that myself.