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Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome to a Fine, Fine School

This week's library read-aloud title is Sharon Creech's A Fine, Fine School. Last week's word-of-the-week came from the book (principal), so students have seen the cover on morning announcements.

With each decision by Mr. Keene, the school's principal, to add more days to the fine, fine school, I heard sharp intakes of breath from the children on the story steps. They knew adding more school days could only result in negative consequences. They giggled at the post-it notes that plastered a child's suitcase (which was an upgrade from the backpack she carried earlier) - all reminding about upcoming tests. Mostly, though, their faces and bodies registered relief when Mr. Keene realizes his fine, fine school will stay fine by sticking to a typical school year.

At our fine, fine school we love reading fine, fine books and celebrating fine, fine words.